Welcome to JonathanHalpert.com

Come join me in exploring the unique history of YU basketball using information culled from official documents, photo archives, contemporaneous media and anecdotal eye-witness accounts.

Relive and celebrate past achievements and share in current highlights as they occur. Join in discussions and debates of current sports issues and how back-page headlines and ESPN highlights impact on our own orthodox Jewish community’s student athletes, parents and educators.

Come read our monthly guest column which will feature the insights and opinions of communal leaders and former YU players regarding the issues that impact the sports world of the orthodox community.

The website has been designed to capture the spirit of yeshiva basketball and to that end includes pictures of past teams, action photos of former players, scores of all games played since 1930, excerpts of game videos featuring exciting milestone performances and last second victories.

The website will not be restricted to past accomplishments but will be continually updated to include current performances.

It is my hope that you the former players, parents, fans and supporters will enhance the site by sharing your photos, videos, “moments” and insights.

I look forward to hearing from you. Let’s Go MACS! Johnny

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