Are you still coaching?

Read about the players and stories of YU’s basketball teams over the past forty-one years as told by the Maccabees’ coach Dr. Jonathan  Halpert.

Check out team and individual stats not available anywhere else. 

Are you still coaching?” is the comment I hear most often when I meet former players and fans… As one year has turned into forty-one…

I have come to understand that coaching not only allows me to pursue my own personal dreams, but more importantly, it enables me to give young men the same opportunity. At some moment and at some place, a player’s dream is realized.

The time and place are irrelevant. All that matters is that I have enabled another young man to believe that everything is possible. Everyone needs and deserves one of those moments.

“One Year at a Time, Forty-one Years Later,” Chapter 1 “We had practiced in gyms with low ceilings, and we had practiced in gyms without lights, but now we were experiencing the ultimate philosophical dilemma that only Talmudic scholars could answer. If there are no baskets, is it still a gym?”

“If There Are No Baskets, Is It Still A Gym?” Chapter 1 “The passion is there because the game of basketball is that kind of game. Coach Halpert exemplifies that spirit because he can get excited—and if you don’t get excited, then the players won’t get excited. He is able to translate that feeling and inner love to the players.”
Lou Carnesecca St. John’s University

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