The Sarachek Tournament – Highlights

Congratulations to all the teams that participated in the 23rd Sarachek Tournament (2014) and a special acknowledgement to the unsung hero of the tournament, John Bandler for his yearlong monitoring of the national yeshiva high school basketball world enabling him to provide tournament seedings.

Highlights of this year’s tournament included:

–        The Shabbat program featuring Irv Bader, one of YU’s all time basketball greats, providing insight into the early years of YU basketball.

–        The “upsets”:

  •  #7 ranked Frisch upset #2 ranked NorthShore and #3 ranked HAFTR launching their run to the Championship game.

–        Individual moments:

  • Ezra Teichman (MTA) made two last second foul shots to clinch their victory over   Ida Crown and secure a spot in Tier I.
  • Yoni Klausner (Maimonides) made a last second shot to clinch their victory over Hillel Miami, securing 3rd place in the Tier II Tournament.
  • Yoni Gelb (Maimonides) made a last second shot to clinch their victory over Yeshiva Atlanta.
  • Rami Pinchot (Ida Crown) made two last second foul shots to clinch the Tier II championship with their victory over Fuchs Mizrachi .

–        3-point Shootout Champ –  Eli Well, Ida Crown;  Runner- up – Ben Kaplan, Kohelet

–        Tournament  MVP –Jojo Himmelman, YULA

–   The closely contested  Championship games

Tier I  – Championship – YULA                                                             

2nd Place Kohelet

2nd   Place – Frisch

3rd Place – TABC

4th place – HAFTR

Tier II   – Championship – Ida Crown

2nd place – Fuchs Mizrachi

MVP Kevin Bokor, Ida Crown

Tier III ChampionshipYeshiva Atlanta

2nd Place Kohelet

MVP Myles Ratner, Yeshiva Atlanta

Tier IV – Championship – Cooper Memphis

2nd   Place – Kansas HBHA

MVP – Bryan Itkowitz, Cooper Memphis


Anshel Axelbaum, Block St. Louis                 Gabe Berger, New Community Jewish

Alex Froimzon, Hillel Miami                          Gabe Goldstein, Cooper Memphis

Joel Gutowitz, HBHA Kansas                         Tyler Hod, Frisch

Adam Karnett, Yavneh Dallas                         Elazar Kolom, Ida Crown

Daniel Lasko, Weinbaum Boca                       David Levieddin, Berman HA

Marcus Loebenstein, SCY                                Avery Lubin, North Shore HA

Rami Pinchot, Ida Crown                                 Dan Poleyeff, TABC

Alec Schonfeld, HAFTR                                   Aaron Simmens, Kohelet

David Spero, Fuchs Mizrachi                         Ezra Teichman, MTA

Benny Tuchman, Frisch                                   Josh Weissman, Yeshiva Atlanta

Eli Winton, Maimonides


Ari Bar-Shain, Fuchs Mizrachi                        Edan Evenhaim, New Community Jewish

Yoni Klausner, Maimonides                            Eli Lipner, MTA

Josh Stern, Berman HA


Justin Hod, Frisch                         Menachem Solomon, YULA

Daniel Tzion, YULA                       Michael Zborowski, NorthShore HA

Yehoshua Zirman, TABC

Top Scoring Games                                                            Top Scoring Averages (ppg)

35, Yoni Klausner, Maimonides vs. Hillel Miami                 Bryan Itkowitz, Cooper Memphis, 21.7

27, Yehoshua Zirman, TABC vs. Hillel Miami                       Yoni Klausner, Maimonides,  20.8

26, Eli Lipner, MTA vs. Ida Crown                                          Aaron Simmens, Kohelet, 18.5

26, Yoni Klausner, Maimonides vs. Frisch                           Michael Zborowski, NorthShore, 17.3

25, Michael Zborowski, NS vs. Yavneh Dallas                      Josh Stern, Berman HA, 16.8 ppg

25, Bryan Itkowitz, Cooper Memphis vs. HBHA Kansas

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