Sarachek history – Did you know that:

6 players who played in Sarachek have either been recruited or walked on at D-I

  • 1999- Tamir Goodman was recruited and played one year plus for Towson State
  • 2001 – Yitz Ribald was recruited by Fordham but chose to play for Yeshiva for 4 years
  • 2005 – Zach Gordon played one year for Yeshiva and transferred to Penn
  • 2006 – Jared Mintz was recruited and played four years for  Lafayette
  • 2011 – Aaron Lieberman walked on at Northwestern
  • 2013 – Jojo Fallas walked on at  Cornell

–        Since 1992 Forty-three players who played in Sarachek played at least one year for YU. Twenty two of the forty-three started at least one year for YU.  Highlight        accomplishments include:

–        Sarachek 1998 – Eli Hami was Skyline conference MVP in his senior year

–        Sarachek 2003 – Yitz Ribald is the all time YU leader in 3 point field goals (45.7%);

–        Sarachek 2005 – Zach Gordon was the Skyline conference Rookie of the Year in 2008.

–        Sarachek 2011 -Dovie Hoffman scored 1195 points

–        Sarachek 2011 -Benjy  Ritholtz’s 3-point field goal percentage was 41.3%

–        Sarachek 2012 -Yisrael Feld was named Skyline conference rookie of the year

For many more interesting statistics about both Sarachek and non Sarachek YU players click on “Are You Still Coaching?” and check out the book.