Mrs. Bernice Weissberg Kramer, z”l (of blessed memory)

On behalf of the Yeshiva University Basketball team I want to be menachem avel  (wish condolence) to  to Mr.  Zev Weissberg on the passing of his mother, Mrs. Bernice Weissberg Kramer (Blima Shoshana bat Reuven z:l]) and to express our sympathy to our co-captain Shlomo Weissberg on the passing of his grandmother.

According to Zev and Shlomo Mrs. Kramer was a big fan of the team and even ordered, on her own, a MACS track jacket. She watched every game on Macslive and knew the game well.  They assure me she would not have hesitated to give me her opinion regarding how Shlomo and the team played. Zev related that his mother did the same thing when she watched him play in high school except she didn’t express her opinions from behind a TV monitor but rather from directly behind his bench. To her credit she, nevertheless, had a warm relationship with his coach.  She was looking forward to surprising Shlomo by attending senior night on February 22.

May Zev, his sister Fonda Lowe and the entire extended Weissberg family be comforted among the mourners of Zion and may we in the future share only smachot (happy occasions) together.